Melissa Gleason
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My dogs absolutely LOVE these! We get them at Premier Pet Supply in Livonia. They've been great for my dog with a sensitive tummy. I just started using the pumpkin crumble. It really helps my dogs digest their food well!
Matt Staley
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All of my 3 dogs truly love these treats and I know what I’m giving them is safe.. glad they are sold pretty much everywhere.
Dawn O'Hara
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We Bought Hunter's Healthy Treats for our dog and he loved them. They are so healthy and natural I feel good about giving them to him. And Daphne is so knowledgeable and patient with all your questions.
Jan Belleperche
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Hunter's Healthy Treats are the absolute best! So thankful we found a healthy, great tasting, treat for our fur baby! Our dog loves 💘 both the peanut butter and the pumpkin 🎃! I even share them with the neighborhood dogs!
Courtney Dunnebacke
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All simple human grade ingredients and my dogs love these so much. I buy the peanut butter ones. My two older adopted tiny pups with no teeth get to enjoy these because they crumble right up and they get so excited when the bag comes out.
John Mifsud
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The best product for your pet. All natural and my dogs favorite
Jerri Poe
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Since our new family member moved in and was treated to Hunter’ pumpkin treats, he has refused other brands, leaving them on the floor! He has added the peanut butter to his ‘accepted’ list along with the pumpkin😋 They have been a big help in his training. Jerri P
Nicole Dickson
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I picked up a couple of bags on a whim at Premier Pet Supply in Livonia for my puppy. I LOVE these. I use them for training rewards or just because. Ellie has a sensitive stomach, but neither the pumpkin nor peanut butter recipes have bothered her! She loves them too; for the first time ever I am seeing her drooling as I get treats out for her. 5 stars. 10 stars. Highly recommend!
Julie Finn
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My client's 60 lb Rescue dog loves both the pumpkin and peanut butter treats! I also sent a package to a friend in Maryland who has a Keishon and a English Lab that is being trained to be a service dog for a veteran. Both Frazier and Carol love your treats along with some of the other future service dogs at Warrior Canine Connection.
Deidre Erickson
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Since finding these a few years back I have been hooked! Working as a groomer I always keep these ready in my treat pouch to entice and calm my customers! The new training size are perfect for all dogs and soft enough to break into smaller pieces for even the tiniest or teethless pooches ❤️ peanut butter or pumpkin my customers love them both and I love giving these to them
Barbie Demmy-Scheidler
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My dogs absolutely LOVE these treats!!! I appreciate that they smell great, and easily break apart in my dogs mouth. So, they are wonderful to use with our training!
Jeff Seyfarth
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Quality product and my little fido loves the treats, great customer service!

Hunter’s Healthy Treats

Welcome! We provide healthy and delicious treats for dogs and pets! We use all natural ingredients that are beneficial for your pet.

Not Just For Dogs

Hunter’s Healthy Treats can be enjoyed by any animal who is able to eat oatmeal, coconut oil, honey, peanut butter, pumpkin or cinnamon. There is no corn, wheat or soy in our products! These treats have been enjoyed by all sorts of animals including horses, ponies, goats, birds, rabbits, chinchillas and monkeys! Try them out with your pet today!

This big guy was looking for more!

Kobe enjoying a treat!

Ellie really loved the treats!

Monkey loved the treats!